It's common to be an out of state buyer when buying in Colorado Springs. We have a lot of military, many people have 2nd homes here, and this is a great place to retire to!

When you are out of state, the process of finding and buying a home can be intimidating, and that's understandable. You might not be familiar with the area at all when you start the process, and that's how many people start out.

It goes without saying that anytime you can take at least one trip to the area beforehand, it makes such a difference. Some people are able to visit multiple times, and even come back for the inspection. Closings can be done without your presence, and even if this is your first house it's done successfully everyday so rest assured you can get through it. 

But what if you aren't able to visit at all before moving here? That happens too, and whey you're in good hands with a solid Realtor the following things should be occurring to give you confidence and comfort in the home search. You need a local Realtor familiar with the areas you are considering (yes, they can be local and not have a clue), and we've found the best things to start with are not only maps, but video of the streets/parks/stores of the various areas.

Once you have an idea of the areas, start having your realtor provide videos and photos of homes. We feel it's best to let the seller and listing Realtor know what's going on because without that it's just not okay to be photographing and videoing someone's personal residence. You as the buyer should be telling them what homes you would like to see, and after you watch a few videos and/or review photos the Realtor may be able to suggest other things to you after listening to your thoughts and feedback on the first round of homes.

Making an offer and/or negotiating is not much different than if you were here in state. Things can be done electronically for signatures, disclosures, etc. It's normal for you heart to be racing a little more than normal because you haven't seen the house. Hopefully you'll have pictures, videos, maps and websites to ease the heart rate. Your comfort depends quite a bit on how well you think your realtor is doing for you.

Inspections should be done even if you aren't going to be able to be present. You can pick the inspector, and as of today it's okay if your realtor knows good inspectors to put you in touch with. Your realtor should be present for the entire inspection, and after the inspection you should get a full report with photos as to what was revealed. Your realtor should video the end of the inspection so the inspector can do a summary and point out problems/concerns for you to see. We did one where video chat was used so the buyer could be "present". It was interesting and our client was thrilled.

The bottom line is that if your realtor is doing a great job, you'll feel as if you've been here the whole time. We've got other posts with specific examples of what can be done, this one is meant to be an overview to let you know that it can be done with the end result being a very happy buyer.