Who doesn't like new carpet? The answer is someone who doesn't like any kind of carpet. Other than that group of people, new carpet is an appealing thing to buyers.

Here's the problem people often face: Do I just put in new carpet when I list the home for sale or offer a carpet allowance so a buyer can choose their own?

It's somewhat a double edged sword because you do have buyers on both sides of the fence. I know that from our perspective as Realtors, stating that there is new carpet vs. a carpet allowance available, the new carpet already installed will win every time unless it's cheap or a unique color.

When a buyer sees that there is a carpet allowance it also allows for more questions. Is that enough for carpet I would choose? What kind of carpet will that buy? What about any smells coming from below the carpet? How clean is the rest of the house?

Our advice is to put in new carpet as long as you know you can keep it that way until closing. If not, you might have to get a little creative in how you do things. We've pulled this situation off both ways, it's just thinking a little bit outside the box.