Negotiations can be fun, and they can be stressful. Usually they are more fun when it's not as big of a deal whether or not you get the house if you are a buyer, or sell the house if you are a seller. For us as Realtors it's almost always fun because there isn't any emotional attachment. Negotiating with emotions it's similar to what you see in the picture. 

When things get complicated, it can usually be attributed to something being an emotional attachment or some sort of irrational reasoning. Emotional attachment might be loving the neighborhood because it reminds you of the one you grew up in. Show us how to put a value on that one.

Irrational reasoning is not wanting to sell a house for anything less than you paid for it years ago (buyers and appraisers don't care what you paid years ago). Why not try to get back all of the interest you paid over those years as well? It's a psychological thing that affects many people.