The Seller Net Sheet is basically a breakdown of all costs associated with closing on a home, including: closing costs, any credits, commissions, taxes, fees, mortgage payoffs, escrows, etc. The main information most seller are interested in seeing is the bottom line that they are going to be walking away with.

We provide these on any offer a seller is considering so they can get a very good idea of what they will have at closing. The only variables would be inspection issues resulting in a lower price or credit, closing costs being less then anticipated for the buyer (they asked for 4k but they only needed 3k).

Many times a seller doesn't see anything like a Seller Net Sheet at all. They really don't know exactly what's going on until the HUD is sent for review just before closing. Sellers might have a general idea of what things will be, but they should have at least somewhat firm numbers to work with when considering how to respond to an offer they have in their hands.

These forms are very standard and most Realtors should have them on hand to show you where you stand financially should you choose to accept an offer made on your home.