In Colorado Springs, we do run across homes with Lead Based Paint. This doesn't necessarily mean a home cannot be bought or sold, but there are risks associated that need to be addressed.

We are required to use Lead Based Paint disclosures on every home that was build before 1978. Technically speaking this includes all permits for homes to be built before 1978. This is a protection for everyone, and it's taken very seriously.

As the buyer, you have the option to test for lead based paint. From what we have seen, most of the time a seller has no knowledge of it primarily because they've never done any tests to find out. Today even if you have carpet installed many companies will test paint in areas that may be disturbed during install to see if there is any lead based paint.

There are companies you can contact if there is a positive result, and taking care of the issue is no small matter. There are processes in place that have to be followed, and anyone that tells you otherwise is giving you poor advice.