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The Colorado Springs Group™ embraces the changes that frequently occur in order to buy and sell a home in today's real estate market. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities... and we take advantage of those opportunities in order to better position our clients for success.

Locally owned, The Colorado Springs Group™ is a team of award winning real estate professionals that have sold over 650 homes to date. More than 85% of our business comes from repeat clients, and referrals from past clients.

Please take 5 minutes to speak with us, and you'll understand exactly why working with us will give you an advantage whether you are a buyer or seller in the Colorado Springs real e
Savestate market.


  • Kevin Olson
    Image of Kevin Olson
    6665 Wild Indigo Drive
    Colorado Springs
    CO 80923 US

    Phone: 719-799-3686

    Kevin was born and raised in Northern Minnesota on the Iron Range. Growing up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers on 40 acres made for a great childhood. The 40 acres was used for a small farm, several gardens, and hunting.

    After college graduation, Kevin was fortunate to be hired for a management position at OfficeMax. While at OfficeMax he was approached by a prominent real estate broker who had witnessed a complex situation that Kevin handled comfortably in just a few seconds.

    In 2005 Kevin was licensed to sell real estate in Minnesota. Two years later Kevin became one of the youngest Brokers in the state. He then transferred his license to Colorado in order to represent buyers and sellers in Colorado Springs... instead of visiting twice a year, why not make it home? The experience has been like a never ending vacation.

    Kevin partnered with Jessica in 2010 because of the personality and strength differences between them. Together they provide a great deal of strength in all areas for their clients.

    In 2013 Kevin and Jessica were married at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. Together they have a 4 year old daughter, Taylor.

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  • Jessica Laude
    ABR, SFR
    Image of Jessica Laude
    6665 Wild Indigo Drive
    Colorado Springs
    CO 80923 US

    Phone: 719-964-5377

    Jessica has lived in Colorado Springs since she was 3. She grew up in Black Forest, specifically, and is an only child. Jessica loved growing up in the forest, and to this day she has 6 close friends she first met back in the first grade at Wolford Elementary.

    In 2003 Jessica was licensed to sell real estate. Growing up here in the Springs, she knew a lot of people who had a great deal of trust in her. She hasn't let them down, even helping some people buy and sell multiple times in the past 13 years.

    Jessica is very detail oriented, and incredibly organized. She wanted to partner with Kevin because she knew they would compliment each other well in providing clients with a superior set of skills.

    Jessica and Kevin live in Northeast Colorado Springs, and love it. Aside from their daughter, Taylor, client needs are always given top priority.

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  • Gil Bolibol
    Image of Gil Bolibol
    6665 Wild Indigo Drive
    Colorado Springs
    CO 80923 US

    Phone: 719-321-5087

    Gil's biggest passions in life are his family and his faith. Father of 4 great kids, he and his wife Randi have been married since 2007.

    Born in Hawaii and raised in Lacey, Washington... in 2007 Gil decided to call Colorado Springs home. He has a fascination of aircraft, a love for photography, hiking, family and serving others through a strong faith background. He has been enlisted in the Navy Reserves since 2005.

    He has a strong and proven background in retail management and sales. He has lead employees in the retail industry and Navy Reserves where he pulls the best out of everyone he supervises. Gil firmly believes his success is due largely to his commitment to treating people with honesty and fairness.

    Gil was the Best Man at Kevin and Jessica's wedding, and has since partnered with their company, The Colorado Springs Group. Being longtime friends with the people you work with makes selling real estate even more enjoyable.

    His military background, high-performance motivation, sales experience and creativity  will result in 100% effort representing his clients. 

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The Colorado Springs Group™
6665 Wild Indigo Drive
Colorado Springs CO 80923
(719) 799-3686

Kevin & Jessica
The Colorado Springs Group
6665 Wild Indigo Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
(719) 799-3686